Outdoor action to spice up your vacations

Holidays are what we all dream of going on. Each year we all go to our various destinations after saving up all year round to afford. To have the best holiday possible it is essential to plan your trip in advance.

There are people who would want to spend a serene and calm holiday where they can rest, however, on the other hand there are those people who want to spend a fun-filled and adrenaline pumped holiday. For such adventure seekers, outdoor action is the most important aspect of the holiday and it needs to be well planned and executed by the people in charge. For such holidays, Open Door is one of the most reputed and trusted destinations in and around Wales. Some of the benefits of planning the holiday with us are mentioned below –

  • Our site is spread over an extensive 25 acre land which includes all the adventure spots so you can make the maximum use of time.
  • Our 10 bedroom accommodation has breathtaking views of the Cefn Valley which is a treat for all those who love the scenery as well as an adventure holiday.
  • Our outdoor team building activities consists of paint balling, raft building, canoeing and many others. You will always be accompanied by our experts who will help you make the most of your trip as well as keeping you safe!

For adventure junkies, Open Door is a sheer delight due to the plethora of outdoor activities and the many acres on the complex. Both of which makes it one of the best weekend or midweek getaway destinations in Wales.

Delay no further and get in touch with us today! Every one of our visitors enjoy themselves immensely which keeps them coming back time and time again!

For further information and vacancy enquires contact us today via email – dave@opendooradventure.co.uk or phone us via – 01745 585535.